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Where to begin with this one... to start off, the skin looks perfectly smooth, and the light hits it just right. It actually appears as...

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Ash Ketchum Meme 4 by Otaku-Seraph Ash Ketchum Meme 4 :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 11 24 Ash Ketchum Meme 3 by Otaku-Seraph
Mature content
Ash Ketchum Meme 3 :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 6 27
Nem-Speed (Possible Name) by Otaku-Seraph Nem-Speed (Possible Name) :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 6 32
Rich Ash RP Starter
(I'm really wanting to do an RP where Ash becomes rich, so here's a starter.)
Ash was just minding his own business, training as he is wont to do. Recently, Greninja had come back to his team, and now the Frog Ninja was helping the rest of his teammates get stronger.
However, as they were practicing and improving their craft...
:iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 3 134
Ash's Birthday RP
Today was a special day for our hero, Ash - today, he became a year older, and his friends were planning a surprise for him.
He'd slept in today, probably forgetting his own birthday, so this left everyone ample opportunity to prepare a celebration. Uncle Nemui had decided to pitch in as well, offering a venue in which to have this party, as well as various attractions.
(You may be a canon character or an OC, as long as it's reasonable. I shall take on the roles of both Ash and Dr. Nemui.)
:iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 8 135
Nemui and Ash by Otaku-Seraph Nemui and Ash :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 13 51
Maw's Day RP Starter
It was Mother's Day. A day for celebrating moms everywhere, and all of the things they'd done for their children. And most people would be spending their time with their own mothers (or what they constituted as a mother).....
Dr. Nemui was not one of those people. You see, he and his parents weren't on the best of terms - and besides, he'd run away from Paniola Town once he was old enough to go on his journey, and he never came back. Whenever Mother's Day (or Father's Day) rolled around, he just treated it as another regular day. He would basically spend this day tinkering with gadgets or watching anime, or some other random activity.
And that's precisely what he was doing today. He was just about to veg out for a while and binge-watch Miss Maki's Salamence Maid, when.....
:iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 1 62
Depressed Doctor RP Starter
It'd been a little bit of time since the events of Project Jandona. While the project DID technically work, it put a tremendous strain on Doctor's relationship with Ash, whom he viewed as the son he'd never had. And while Ash had gotten better, they still weren't on very good terms.
Dr. Nemui, in his depressed state, tried to numb himself the Rick Way - with whiskey and cheesecake. He'd gone to the island's Cheesecake Shop, and subsequently the nearest bar, and had become incredibly hammered... but nothing made him feel better. All it did was put him in a drunken stupor, and in addition to guilt and sadness, he now had blurred vision and a loss of coordination to deal with.
As the dejected and drunken Doctor (in a disoriented fashion) made his way back to his Lab, he was stopped by...
:iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 4 187
Shiny Pikachu (Vote which one is best) by Otaku-Seraph Shiny Pikachu (Vote which one is best) :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 10 59 Whiteboard Rick by Otaku-Seraph Whiteboard Rick :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 20 21
Catalogue of Ashes Throughout the Multiverse
Here's a list of all the Ashes that exist so far (to the best of my knowledge) in the Multiverse.
Ashes from more Mainstream Universes:
Ash SM-003: The Ash from Pokémon Sun and Moon. This Ash never went through the Battle Frontier OR Kalos, and thus isn't as skilled a trainer. He also went through an alternate Sinnoh, and he's the Ash we follow through the Unova anime.Ashley SM-003: A female version of this AshAsh XY-001: The Ash from Pokémon XY/XYZ. He challenged the Battle Frontier, the anime's Sinnoh League, and the Kalos League. He's currently travelling through an alternate Alola with Lillie and Hau.Ashley XY-001: A female version of this AshAsh XY-002: The Ash from the upcoming Pokémon Movie. He may or may not be Ash XY-001, but the two are definitely more closely linked.Ashley XY-002: Female version of this AshAsh XY-003: The Mirror Ash from the Mirror Cave episode.Ashley XY-003: Female version of this AshAsh SG-019: Pokémon Surge's AshAshley SG-019: A female
:iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 9 79
I Want that McNugget Sauce, Pikachu! by Otaku-Seraph I Want that McNugget Sauce, Pikachu! :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 10 44
Aftermath of the Tapu-Ash War! RP Starter
It had been weeks since the war ended. The Ashes and the Tapus had agreed to reconcile - the Tapus apologized for targeting their world's Ash, and the Ashes agreed to leave them alone.
However, many of the Guard Ashes were erased from existence by Arceus Prime when it caught wind of this war... many lives just taken away. Family and friends in the worlds those Ashes inhabited were grief-stricken, and the Council of Ashes decided to hold a memorial service to honor the Ashes and Ashleys that lost their lives. It was the least they could do...
As the memorial service continued on in the palace grounds, one of the Council Ashes looked on in distress. This one had knee-length hair, a regal white suit, and a marking on his cheek resembling a crown - obviously the top dog of the Council.
"I couldn't prevent this... why? Why couldn't I prevent this?"
His thoughts were interrupted by...
:iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 4 87
OC: Mint (Swimsuit) by Otaku-Seraph OC: Mint (Swimsuit) :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 17 2 OC: Mint by Otaku-Seraph OC: Mint :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 14 14 Albinochu by Otaku-Seraph Albinochu :iconotaku-seraph:Otaku-Seraph 8 27


Codrian Drasil
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
BEFORE YOU COMMENT: There is one little thing you should know. Thankfully, not many people have crossed this line (very few have, actually), but I feel I need to say this.

Do I have fetishes? Sure.
Do I like fat girls? Absolutely!
Are those the only things I ever do? Not even close.

Now, don't get me wrong. It's alright if we have a fetish or preference in common. In fact, I have fans and a few friends that share my love of fatties and bellies. But please, don't assume that those are all I do on here.

Hey. The name's King Drasil. I'm a manga/anime fan that loves to draw, especially Pokémon. I also write fanfics, yet sadly, I can never follow through on most of them. ^^;

I plan on making my own manga at some point in the future. I even have characters and a setting ready. Now all I need is complete mastery of Manga and a good plot, and I'm golden. Oh, and the money to make the manga.

As you can probably tell, my favorite anime is Pokémon, and I'm a huge Ash fan. I'm always developing ideas on how to make him even better than he already is. I have many head canons, and I switch between them from time to time.

Pokemon XY intro stamp by The-P3nguin
Ash and Delia Ketchum Stamp by AiselnePN
PKMN XY: Satoshi Stamp by Maiichu
Pokemon XY Anime : Satoshi Stamp by Kevfin
NegaiShipping stamp by SA948-Stamps
Iris stamp by SA948-Stamps
Makoto Naegi by asta-roth
[STAMP] Makoto Naegi by KuroiiKyu
Spoiler-kun stamp by dreamychocola
Naegiri stamp by K-A-W-O-R-U


For those of you who are wondering how to pronounce my character's name (Dr. Nemui):

It's pronounced "NEH-moo-ee". Separate it into three syllables.

This message is sponsored by Nem-Tech Industries.
Because of Dan Pashman, I will NEVER use a spork again. He's ruined sporks forever.
What if... Pokémon were the result of a Leviathan Seed striking Arceus' world?
Dammit, now I wanna make my own Bomberman. :(
Ash: That's funny, it almost sounds like you don't like me, which is IMPOSSIBLE - since I got stuck never being able to achieve my dreams so that you could even exist! So what I BELIEVE you're trying to say... is thank you.

Selene: "Thank you"?

Ash: You're welcome!

Selene: What?! No, I didn't- I wouldn't... I would never, ugh-

(Song Start)

I see what's happening here.
You're looking at a hero, and it's strange!

You don't even know how you feel - it's ADORABLE!
Well, it's nice to see Dex Holders never change!

Open your eyes, let's begin!
Yes, it's really me - Ash Ketchum! Breathe it in!

I know it's a lot - the hair! The BOD!
When you're staring at the guy who saved GODS!

What can I say, except "You're Welcome"?
For the Leagues that reach the sky!
No need to pray! It's okay! You're welcome!
I'm just an ordinary Trainer guy!

Hey! What has two thumbs, and gave you X and Y, when you were waddling yea high?
When your nights got cold, who brought you Groudon from below?
You're looking at him, yo!

OH! Also, I Poké-ized the Sun! (You're welcome!)
To stretch your days and bring you fun!
Also, I saved all the SEAS (You're welcome!)
So you could have your RSE!

So what can I say, except "You're welcome"?
For saving the Prince of the Sea?
There's no need to pray! It's okay! You're welcome!
I guess it's just my way of being me!

You're welcome!
You're welcome!

Well, come to think of it...

Kid, honestly, I could go on and on.
I gone and seen every natural phenomenon!
The Truth! Ideals and such?
I saved the world? Oh, it was nothing much!

Took an Exeggutor, waited until noon!
Stretched out its neck - now you've got Sun and Moon!
What's the lesson?
What is the takeaway?
Don't mess with Ketchum when he's on the breakaway!

And the strides of the franchise we're in!
Are a map of the victories I win!
Look where I've been!
I make best-sellers happen!
Look at my Pikachu over here, tippity-tappin'!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Well, anyway, let me say, you're welcome! (Tapus: You're welcome!)
For this wonderful world you know!
Hey, it's okay! It's okay! You're welcome! (Tapus: You're welcome!)
Well, come to think of it, I gotta go!
Today is your day to say "You're welcome"! (Tapus: You're welcome!)
Cuz I'm gonna need that Cup!
I'm flying away! Away! You're welcome! (Tapus: You're welcome!)
Cuz my time of getting nowhere is up!

(Tapus: You're welcome!) You're welcome!
(Tapus: You're welcome!) You're welcoooooome!

(Selene ends up in a closet, and her Championship Cup is gone. Cut to Ash, who has the Cup.)

Ash: And thank you!

(Ash then locks Selene in the closet.)

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